Charcoal Chicken Butchery Diagram


Why should mammals have all the fun (of being butchered)? Revealing one of my more useful butchery diagrams --- a chicken butchery chart, with labels and everything!

Print of my original vine-charcoal pig butchery diagram illustration.This classy, art deco-ish chicken is ready to cluck into your kitchen.

Print measures 8.5 x 11 inches, including a 1/2 inch white border on left/right and a 3/4 inch border top/bottom. This border creates an illusion of white matting, making actual matting unnecessary. Printed with archival pigment ink on archival velvet fine art paper. Very nice quality ... the charcoal image has a really nice depth and luster.

Shipped flat in cello sleeve, in bend-proof fiberboard mailer, via USPS First Class.

© Alyson Thomas 2010 - 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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